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in Filmmaking
on Jul 1, 2006

Caroline Bermudez over at Pitchfork chats via email with Scott Crary whose Kill your Idols opens on July 7th at the Cinema Village in New York and comes to DVD this fall. The doc, which Crary says he made for $300 (okay, I know these bands aren’t the Rolling Stones, but I’d hope they got more than $3 each for their music rights) looks at the late ’70s/early ’80s New York No Wave — folks like Arto Lindsay and DNA, Glenn Branca, Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch — and the current musicians (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars, A.R.E. Weapons, etc.) they have inspired.

As Crary tells Pitchfork:

Originally, I was pursuing just the newer bands and a much wider cross-section of them (with bands like the Walkmen, Interpol, etc.). Over time, a certain concentration of the bands I was interviewing either kept referencing a certain 5 year period in NY underground rock (77-82) and/or were being paired with bands from then by the media. The interplay between those two generations of bands became more compelling to me, so I began hunting down the originators that everyone was referencing from 30 years ago to see what they thought of their progeny.

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