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in Filmmaking
on Jul 2, 2006

Over at his blog, Anthony Kaufman rounds up some news on David Lynch and his upcoming Inland Empire, which reportedly will screen in Venice. He links to this YouTube clip entitled “David Lynch Experimenting with Digital Video.” There’s no real solid info to confirm whether it’s truly by Lynch or not, but it certainly feels like something of his.

He also links to Lynch’s blog, which consists of short questions on various topics, many related to 9/11, that Lynch throws out for his readers to respond to.

Also, here’s an interview from Business Week in which Lynch talks about his work with Transcendental Medititation, which involves lecturing to businesses about how TM can “enhance creativity and decision-making.”

An excerpt:

Business Week: You also say meditation helps with making decisions. Can you give an example from your work?

Lynch: One night while we were making Lost Highway, we had a scene underneath a covering at an indoor-outdoor ’50s kind of diner with a parking lot in the background. Everyone in the scene was dressed in dry clothes and didn’t have wet hair. We came there and it started raining. We had already established a dry look. Now the parking lot in the back was wet.

There was a real indication that we were going to all go home. We would have lost a night and lost a lot of money. I decided to continue to shoot. I pictured the scene shot by shot and thought, what would make that parking lot wet other than rain? And so I put kids in the background shooting garden hoses, and therefore the rain looked like it came from that. The hoses idea saved the day.

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