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Lady Vengeance

by Farihah Zaman

Introducing Our New Genre Column, Lady Vengeance

in Columns, Filmmaking
on May 30, 2011

Today on the site we introduce Farihah Zaman’s new column devoted to genre cinema, “Lady Vengeance.” I’ve long wanted a place on this site dedicated to genre cinema and was happy when Farihah proposed tackling it. Some of you will know her byline from columns and articles posted at Reverse Shot and The Huffington Post. Here at Filmmaker she’ll be appearing every Friday covering genre films of all stripes and sizes, from the mega-blockbusters to the indie, micro and foreign-language titles that contain much of science fiction, fantasy and horror’s new energy.

Her piece today, “Revenge of the Nerds,” is an introduction, not just to the column but to the Summer movie season ahead. Check it out and return on Friday, when she’ll cover… You know what? I’ll just let you find out then.

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