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in Filmmaking
on Sep 17, 2006

Filmmaker Jamie Stuart, who is working on an article upcoming for Filmmaker, met Michel Gondry recently at New York’s Regency Hotel. The picture at left is the result of that meeting, which Stuart explains below:

“I thought this was one of those ideas so obvious and so attuned to the subject that I became paranoid somebody was going to beat me to it. Photo Booth is basically gimmick software that comes with all new Macs — and it seems everybody plays around with it for maybe 5 minutes, then they forget about it. When I met Michel recently to discuss The Science of Sleep, I thought it might be fun to see what he’d do with the various stretch and mirror effects. He already knew Photo Booth, so I slid over my MacBook Pro, he took right over and created these five cool original self-portraits.”

Click this link to see more Gondry/Photo Booth pics or submit Photo Booth pics of your own.

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