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“DEAD SNOW” co-writer-director, Tommy Wirkola

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Saturday, Jan. 17, 11:59 pm — Egyptian Theatre, Park City]

Dead Snow is in a very direct way the result of cinema today. Even though the premise of the film is based on a idea that I have had for a long time, there wasn’t a better time to release it until now.

After we made a debut film, Kill Buljo, we decided to go for the idea for Dead Snow simply because people don’t make these kind of movies any more. Most of the horror films that are released these days are 100 percent merciless, with violence all the way through and nothing to release the tension. We wanted to go back to the feel of the ’80s horror films, more specifically The Evil Dead series and Braindead. We wanted a mixture of blood and guts, and lots of it, combined with a decent amount of scares, but also dark humor, things that would make Dead Snow a more fulfilling movie then the average horror film these days.

We feel that when you get all of these things in a movie, you will leave the theater with a smile, despite seeing skulls ripped in two and things like that.

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