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in Filmmaking
on Feb 2, 2007

One critic who you wont’ see linked on Rotten Tomatoes is Rick Trembles… and, at the least, that’s because his film reviews in the form of graphic art can’t be cut-and-web-pasted. Trembles is a filmmaker, writer and musician — his band, The American Devices, is called “Montreal’s longest-running post-punk band.” He maintains an oddball website that promotes his musical appearances, notes screenings of his short, Goopy Spasms (an “animated cartoon film ode to butt-play”), and runs bits of cultural news, like this memorial to Don Dohler, creator of the fanzine mascot Projunior.

His site is also full of his funny, plain-spoken, personal and often quite perceptive reviews, most of which were published in The Montreal Mirror. Tremble’s reviews have also been collected in an anthology, Motion Picture Purgatory, which can be ordered by clicking on the link. And if you want to check out his work before buying, here are a few links to get you started:

A Dirty Shame, A Scanner Darkly, Hostel, Old Boy, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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