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in Filmmaking
on Mar 31, 2007

If you were in Times Square last weekend and thought of sitting down in one of those red sofas that signify a Kleenex ad, you might have found yourself in a Greenpeace campaign.

From Gothamist::

Perhaps you’ve seen the Kleenex commercials where an actor playing a therapist sits with a red couch in a busy public space, ready for people to share their thoughts and feelings – and maybe have a good cry. Well, the Kleenex “Let It Out” campaign was in Times Square over the weekend, where cameras were rolling for passers-by to add their experiences to the reel. Until Greenpeace came in.

Greenpeace activists infiltrated the filming by posing as people who wanted to share stories about loss, but capped it off by saying they were most upset that Kimberly-Clark, which manufactures Kleenex, doesn’t use recycled fiber in Kleenex and instead uses “virgin” fiber . Videographer Kelly Loudenberg filmed the protesters on the scene – check out the last part, where Greenpeace activists unfurl a sign behind someone getting emotional on the couch. Apparently filming shut down right after.

Here’s the Greenpeace site, Kleercut, that explains its problems with Kimberly-Clark. And here’s the Kleenex Let It Out campaign site.

Here’s the video of the action:

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