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in Filmmaking
on Aug 21, 2011

About a year ago I posted a call for new writers, a post that led to amazing folks like Zack Wigon and Nicholas Rombes showing up in these pages. So, as we continue to build out and add content to the website, I thought I’d let any journalists out there know our current needs. I continue to look for people who can write with knowledge and authority about the business side of independent film. And I’m also looking for people who know something about filmmaking itself and are genuinely interested in the below-the-line and production worlds (i.e., film sets and the people who actually work day to day on movies). For the most part, I’m looking for writers with some degree of experience and who have published clips. We pay for blog and website posts, and appearance in the print magazine is also an opportunity for our web writers. Contact me at scott AT filmmakermagazine.com.

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