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in Filmmaking
on May 18, 2007

If you’re used to checking out this blog and not the main page, surf over there for Nick Dawson’s interview with Hal Hartley, whose Fay Grim opens today.

An excerpt:

I’m one of those people who doesn’t think the world has changed any at all since 9/11. It just seemed to be almost inevitable, something like that. That’s one of the reasons why the backstory of Fay Grim goes all the way back into the ’80s. I was trying to sketch out the continuity of all this hanky-panky between the security agencies of the world. I think you’re right in another sense, I was writing this as the invasion of Afghanistan was going on at the time. I simply tried to focus on making Fay a representative American, in the sense that she’s a type that a lot of us might associate with: she’s not terribly educated, but she’s not stupid; she’s got a big heart, but she’s uninformed; she doesn’t know how tough she can be.

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