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“HOMEWRECKER” | co-writers-directors, Todd Barnes & Brad Barnes

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Friday, Jan. 22, 3:00 pm — Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City]

The summer decision to actually get started, to set the date for Homewrecker, was the most difficult on this project, so we did the only responsible thing: We had somebody else make it. Another project that seemed to be on the verge of total funding fell through for us in June. On June 25, we met and had the same conversation we’ve had each summer for years: Are we or are we not going to make a movie this summer?

A childhood friend in Singapore, Todd McDonald, had always said he’d help us out if we ever decided to make a feature. So we e-mailed him asking if he’d like to invest in a film. We told him nothing about the story, the actors or the possible schedule. If he said “no” or seemed ambivalent, we were going to shoot another corporate video or make beach plans. In 15 minutes he replied, “I’m in.”

We were shooting on July 27.

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