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A well-shot, well-edited video documenting the New York Occupy Wall Street protests with participants explaining their goals and motives. (Click on the headline if you can’t see the video.)

The film is made by Iva Radivajevic and Martyna Starosta. Iva’s website, Iva Asks: Documenting the Masses, offers a variety of short-form documentary work.

From her bio:

Iva Radivojevic spent her early years in Yugoslavia and Cyprus before settling in NYC to pursue her artistic goals over a decade ago. Iva’s films explore the theme of identity, migration and immigrants – focusing on how life experiences shape one’s character, identifications, decisions, lifestyle and interactions with the world based on those experiences. The films strive to give context to the decisions that people make, not necessarily passing judgement on the subject or theme but instead aiming to allow the viewer to recognize themselves in the other.

Check out her site. There’s quite a bit of stunning video as well as Radivojevic’s comments on films she’s seen recently. Here, for example, is a video made in Foligna, a small town two hours north of Rome, about the Nigerian immigrants she met there.

Ivaasks : Felix from ivarad on Vimeo.

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