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in Sundance
on Jan 19, 2008

Over at the Film in Focus site, filmmaker Craig Zobel gives us five tips for making it through Sundance alive.

I’m going to meditate on his tip number three — “Don’t Get All Stress Out Over the Parties” — rather than stewing over the invites I didn’t get.

From Zobel:

If you haven’t heard, the nightly parties at Sundance are real hard to get into. Even the fancy/rich/important have to stand in line sometimes. (For, like, two minutes. But still.) Let me go ahead and tell you what you are missing. A chocolate fondue fountain that has white chocolate on one side and dark chocolate on the other. Big whoop. You’ll have more fun getting your friends and bringing a bottle of Jack back to the condo’s hot tub. (Oh, yeah, all condos seem to have hot tubs up there, by the way.) Actually, it’s cold in Park City… what you ought to do is go to the grocery and get some mulling spices, and make your pals some hot mulled wine to drink in the hot tub. This will give you the bonus of being able to say the words “mulling” and “mulled” a lot, which is fun. I feel woozy and dehydrated just thinking about it.

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