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“JOHN DIES AT THE END” | director, Don Coscarell

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Monday, January 23 Midnight –Egyptian Theatre, Park City]

Us guys from the “horror ghetto” don’t usually get the “A” word attached to our work, but thank you. I’m flattered. When I was younger, I was dazzled by the work of the greats such as Fritz Lang, James Whale and Alfred Hitchcock. Their work taught me that film could be used to travel to the dark reaches of the subconscious. These were places that other mediums such as novels and paintings were just not as effective in my opinion. They have a hard time competing with a huge moving image that includes tools such as cinematography, sound effects, music and great actors. My new film, John Dies At The End exemplifies all of the above. It is a journey into very strange places. Besides, what better way to tell a story which includes talking dogs, a monster made of meat and an illicit hallucinogenic drug that “chooses you?”

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