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in Filmmaking
on Jan 15, 2009

Ted Hope gave the closing speech at the festival’s conference bringing together exhibitors and filmmakers. It’s long, and I’m packing and getting ready to head to the airport, so I don’t have time to read it carefully and post my thoughts, but I’ll try to in the next couple of days. For now, I’m linking to it and running the first three paragraphs here. Read it and post your thoughts.

The beginning:

In case you haven’t heard, our business is in the midst of a transformation from a limited supply gatekeeper entertainment economy based on impulse buys to a new paradigm
based on creator-controlled content and an ongoing dialogue with the audience. This affects all of us: filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors, and film lovers.

It once was that distributors generally only made available films that fit their pre-existing marketing model. Their marketing spend was not based on the film’s content – but their acquisition or production of a film was based on justifying that pre-set marketing spend. We (both the filmmaking and film exhibiting community) are now just learning how to determine, and to access, what an appropriate marketing spend — based on the film that was actually made – is, and in the process, we are learning how to prepare for, access, and exploit what have far too long been under-utilized tools and practices: community, collaboration, and appreciation.

Community, collaboration, and appreciation. These tools are the new tools. These are the good old tools. These tools are where our marketing money also now needs to be spent.

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