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in Filmmaking
on Mar 31, 2009

We at Filmmaker are big fans of Errol Morris, who we have interviewed numerous times and have placed on our cover. Morris is a very successful commercials director (that’s part of what enables his ambitious doc work), and we’ve linked to some of his TV spots before too. So, in the interests of completeness, we embed his latest, a commercial directed with his customary real-person adeptness for Depends.

The folks at AdGrabber, who picked this up, seem to be perplexed by Morris’s approach, though. “Many brands use analogies to help explain their product features and benefits. Even makers of diapers for grownups. But seriously, WTF? Touting the new line of Depends by comparing the fact they’re different to the fact men drive differently than women and commentary on who rules the world; men or women?”

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