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in Filmmaking
on Dec 19, 2009

A while back I blogged in response to all the lamenters of the decline in the number of film critics, writing that critics will have to find new forms of reviewing aimed at new online audiences. One critic who has just done that is, um… a serial killer named Mike from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And he has done so not by crafting some kind of 30-second quick hit that you scan amidst flashing banner ads but with a hilarious, detailed, fan meta-critical 70-minute takedown of a film that most of you have probably already forgotten: George Lucas’s Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Writes Peter Sciretta over at Slash Film:

And this isn’t your usual fanboy rant, this is an epic, well-edited well-constructed piece of geek film criticism. In fact, the way I learned about the video was from Lost co-creator and Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof, who said “Your life is about to change. This is astounding film making.

More from the commenter JediRaper in the comments thread, who reminds everyone that whoever Mike is, he’s doing a character too:

Just watched the whole thing. First, this is the type of deconstruction of that shit film and Lucas I’ve been waiting for. It’s like the culmination of every hate-spewed conversation you’ve ever had about the prequels and George himself–but hilarious. Also, douches, he’s mispronouncing things on purpose to be funny.

Here, then, is Mike’s seven-part The Phantom Menace review.

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