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in Filmmaking
on Jan 4, 2010

I posted previously about a way to read a screenplay on a Macbook or other laptop by rotating the script page in a PDF reader and then turning the computer so it’s oriented vertically, not horizontally. John August had previously posted a little tutorial about this on his blog, and one day, for inexplicable reasons, that method stopped working on my computer. Whenever I’d advance the page the script would revert back to its normal orientation. I’m sure there’s a good reason for that, and if I spent longer playing around in Preferences I’d find it. (I’m sure there’s also a good reason I can’t find my original post, or August’s post, to link to…) In any case, ignore the previous advice because Read Right for Mac OS X by Twilight Edge is freeware that’s absolutely fantastic. You drag a PDF file onto the icon and it tilts the page and, most importantly, allows you by using the Option and Arrow keys to size up and down the page perfectly so you get maximum text per screen. For eco-conscious me with strained eyes, this application is a godsend. Highly recommended.

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