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“NORTH STARR” writer-director, Matthew Stanton

It took me a few moments to really find the most specific and significant answer to this idea. In my experience on this particular film, I have to respond by saying that if I had 10 percent more of anything, it would definitely be AVAILABILITY. Since I have the most sincere and genuine respect for all positions regarding the many aspects of filmmaking, it was my duty as a multiple player on this production to wear many different hats. Serving proudly as the screenwriter, director, actor and producer (among others) on this film had some serious consequences. The most important of which was my availability to all others who worked so passionately on this film. I found that being available to your cast, crew and the community who participated can ultimately serve you with the support, assistance, and energy that filmmakers must possess in order to achieve the magic that happens while shooting. Taking on multiple duties and responsibilities limit your personal availability, which, in turn can be counterproductive. It is not that I lacked availability entirely, but 10 percent more would have been the blessing we all deserved in order to support the means of communication, collaboration, creativity and production output. I’m certain that all who worked on this project would agree that availability is the key to unity. A lesson I’ve certainly learned.

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Sunday, Jan. 20, 11:15 am — Racquet Club, Park City]

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