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Congratulations to Brad Listi’s Other People podcast, which reached a centenary today with a big get: author George Saunders. If you read the print edition of Filmmaker, you will have heard about the podcast as I featured it in our Super 8 a while back. (My blurb is embedded here — Brad, thanks for the scan!) Other People is a twice-a-week podcast in which Listi interviews authors about… well, just about anything. Their books are discussed, of course, but also their biographies, their writing processes, their child-raising habits, their obsessions, their quirks… It’s always a deeply human conversation, and the fact that I, a fickle listener, am still downloading 100 episodes out is a testament to its quality. And now that Other People has crossed the 100 barrier, I am slightly fascinated by it. The podcast is twice a week and well produced. There’s also a weekly newsletter, which is nicely visual and cool — photos stretch out the width of the email. And Listi is a writer working on a novel. When does he find the time? How does he carve out a space for his own voice amidst all of those he uploads for his show? Someone needs to interview him for Other People so we can all find out.

For now, check out Episode 100, Listi’s interview with George Saunders.

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