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Shopping | Directors Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Friday, Jan. 18, 3:00pm — Egyptian Theatre]

Our biggest personal sacrifice would be our time. Both having large families, this is a limited commodity. Fortunately for us, our marriages are still intact.

From the writing to shooting, we worked beyond expectation beginning “our own” pre-production months before money was on hand and going well beyond after we were told the budget was broke to ensure we had a solid level of preparation. This cost us personally financially yet has been one of the main contributing factors allowing for the quality we now see in the frame.

Basically it’s a hands-on fundamental where we’re not scared of getting our hands dirty. Whether heading away at all hours, months prior to pre-production scouring for locations that speak to the era and tone for a scene, or having cast member live at home with us and our families for weeks preparing for the shoot – we always get stuck in to get the job done.

The amount of times we’ve both heard someone say, “That’s not how it’s done” through the film, we couldn’t say. It was unnerving at first, but now when we hear it, it excites us because we know we’re working unconventionally. It’s having the confidence in doing things “our way” and backing a process we know will deliver us the quality of work we are pursuing.

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