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My Bloody Valentine Crashes the Internet with New Album

Keeping true to founder Kevin Shields’ word a couple of days ago, the new, 22-years-in-the-making My Bloody Valentine album has dropped. Well, at least I think it has. After posting word on their Facebook page, the band’s website has gone dark, delivering a “403 — Forbidden: Access Denied” warning. We know the name of the album (MBV), the tracklist (below), and the price ($16 in multiple digital formats, including MP3 and .WAV.) Vinyl and CD versions will soon be available.

Spoof reviews are already up on the Facebook page, with some posters claiming to be bewildered by the Christian rock, male yodeling and John Cage covers.

Who knows when the site will adjust to the traffic — for the band’s sake, I hope it’s before all the torrent sites grab hold of it. In the meantime, here’s a video from the band’s 2008 tour to tide you over.

MBV tracklist

1. she found now
2. only tomorrow
3. who sees you
4. is this and yes
5. if i am
6. new you
7. in another way
8. nothing is
9. wonder 2

Updated: Is this from the new album? Or did someone leave the vacuum cleaner on in the background?

UPDATE: Here’s the first track.

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