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How To Write A Screenplay On An iPad

Husband and wife producers Joke and Biagio have a highly useful post today up on their blog. (Useful, that is, if you own an iPad and are a screenwriter.) Titled “How To Write a Screenplay on the iPad,” it is the result of a bout of insomnia that has wound up adding functionality to the iPad’s Pages application.

From their blog:

If you have an iPad, chances are you’re going to buy Apple’s iWork app Pages sooner or later. At $9.99 it’s not a break-the-bank piece of software, and it’s sort of a must-have for iPad owners, anyway.

The full, desktop-version of Pages ‘09 has a screenplay template, but…alas…that template is missing from the iPad version. Besides, that template’s not very good…the margins are wrong, and it doesn’t work the way I’d like it to.

So We Experimented

Since I’m used to not sleeping these days, I stayed up last night and built a new screenplay template for Pages 09. We then took that template, added some hot keys, saved out a Pages doc, emailed it to Nate’s iPad…and voila! It worked!

For the link to the download template you need to make their fix work, head over to their site.


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