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Music Video: KVB’s “Hands,” Directed by Alix Lambert

Filmmaker — and occasional Filmmaker contributor — Alix Lambert (The Mark of Cain, Bayou Blue) recently directed three dreamy, color-drenched music videos for the band KVB. Using a similar approach to performance footage but layering different imagery for each track, the three songs — “Captives,” “Hands” and “Shadows” form a loose trilogy.

From the InCase/Room 205 site:

While on a recent tour of the Western United States, London-based The KVB moved heaven and earth to make this wonderfully meditative 3-part episode possible. Working with award-winning documentary filmmaker Alix Lambert (The Mark of Cain), cinematographer Conor Simpson, engineer Griffin Rodriguez and editor Forrest Borie, the episode employs a simple set of colored gels, soft shadows, playful synth melodies, one cranky drum machine, one enormously loud Jazzmaster, and two unflinching performers. Welcome to the bracingly Zen-like inner-world of The KVB.

The KVB is the prolific A/V outlet of artists Nicholas Wood and Kat Day. Combining goth-tinged, abstract imagery with a love of shoegaze guitars, minimal synths, reverb-drenched vocals and rigid beats, Nicholas initially started The KVB as a solo project. After frequent collaborations throughout 2011, Kat Day joined permanently on synths and visuals. Fast on the heels of several EPs and limited-edition cassettes, 2012 saw the release of the band’s acclaimed first LP, Always Then, soon followed by tours of the UK, EU, and Western US. In early 2013, The KVB released Immaterial Visions via NYC’s Cititrax imprint. If your musical tastes veer toward hypnotic minimal wave and snarling post-punk, The KVB will definitely satisfy your darkest Psychocandy-esque cravings.

Watch the other two videos here at the link.

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