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Sneak Preview of Bomb It 2 with Artist Stormie Mills

in Filmmaking
on Jul 18, 2013

Here’s a little preview from Bomb It 2 from one of my favorite artists and a totally amazing person. It was such a pleasure to meet Stormie Mills in Perth, which is so far out of the way it’s kind of crazy. Stormie told me that Perth is actually one of the most remote cities in the world, especially from the US or Europe. I was able to meet him because I was invited to attend Perth to screen Bomb It and conduct a workshop for filmmakers at the Revelation Film Festival there. I was in Europe at the time, so to get there I had to fly 11 hours to Los Angeles (already had the ticket and the time was the same), 17 hours to Sydney, five hours to Perth — in two days. Perth was then the beginning of a whirlwind shooting/workshop insanity in which I did four two-day workshops in four cities and shot for two and a half days days in 11 days total. As I said, insane. But I met amazing people — both filmmakers and artists — so it was all worth it! I hope you enjoy Stormie Mills!


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