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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Premieres Collaborative Show “Hit Record on TV”

A streamlined extension of his open collaborative site, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will premiere “Hit Record on TV” on Pivot, next Saturday at 10 pm. The first episode, which is currently available online, promises an amalgam of forms and tastes, as “Regular Joe” and his merry band of global collaborators stitch together short films (featuring Elle Fanning), musical interludes and animated sequences. Being that it is the inaugural affair, the episode centers on the number one, its connotations and translations, as told through said media and its fair share of webcams.

The hitRECord address is one well worth visiting, as it encourages artists to post projects — at any stage of the process — and call upon the internet for its wealth of like-minded conspirators. Gordon-Levitt has been at hitRECord since 2005, far ahead of the current interactive boom, and even manages to pay his contributors, functioning more like a production company than an online forum. Check out the first episode of “Hit Record on TV,” which has already received its second season renewal, above.

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