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Trailer Watch: Nymphomaniac Volume II

A few weeks out from its release, here’s the first trailer for Volume II of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac. There not much going on here that hasn’t already been introduced, so I’ll take the opportunity to point you toward Charlotte Gainsbourg’s interview in New York Magazine. The article offers insight into her intriguing relationship with von Trier, but also gifts us this nugget:

One thing she’s not entirely happy with: the casting, as Joe’s younger self, of English actress Stacy Martin. (Nymphomaniac is, for some reason, supposed to be set in the U.K., though like most of von Trier’s films it’s really set in a darkly enchanted fairyland of his own devising). “He did say when he gave me the script that I would not be playing myself young. But of course I wanted to play myself all the way through,” Gainsbourg says.

Volume I opens this Friday, with Volume II close behind on April 4.

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