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Duplicating Without a Green Screen in The Double

Richard Ayoade’s The Double successfully eluded me on the festival circuit, so I’ll be excited to catch it when it opens in New York theaters tomorrow. For The Creators Project, Ayoade and his VFX producer Simon Walley speak about duplicating Eisenberg without the standard green screen keying, instead relying on a more camera-heavy process called “rotoscoping.”

Removing Eisenberg’s body double in post, the VFX team was able to essentially combine takes, or “overlay layers,” as Ayoade puts it. The tricky part was working with the motion control rig, which meant Ayoade had to choose his preferred take on the spot, so that Eisenberg could switch characters and play the opposite side of the selected scene.

Also touched upon is the process of creating the fictitious, Paddy Constantine-starring TV show that parallels Eisenberg’s condition, as well as the nightmarish, supernatural look of the film.

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