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New Digital Bolex Footage is Here

We’ve been covering development of the Digital Bolex camera for a while now. Designed to look like a 16mm camera and meant to simulate a filmic quality, it’s been a buzzed-about piece of technology since a March 2012 Kickstarter to raise funds for manufacture of the first 100 cameras. “I had been frustrated for a really long time that I was never quite able to get the look that I wanted with the cameras that were available to me,” camera co-developer Elle Schneider told Michael Murie in an interview last year. During his NAB new camera roundup last month, David Leitner noted that the camera “embodies an aggressively retro attitude, including a crank and detachable pistol grip, and all but assumes you own a collection of vinyl too.”

Hat-tip to our friends at No Film School for the heads-up on the latest test footage (directed by Schneider), which is pretty standard stuff in an advertising vein — young people hanging out, roasting marshmallows over an open fire and having a laugh — but has the kind of saturated colors and flare that makes this something like grainless film. No Film School also has the embed footage of the Digital Bolex’s primetime TV debut, but — unless you’re a Glee fan wanting to hear the most defanged cover of Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of Longon” imaginable — better to stick to the test footage.

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