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Trailer Watch: Mad Max: Fury Road

As someone old enough to remember the visceral theater experience of Road Warrior as well as the kitschy letdown of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, count me intrigued and hopeful after this first trailer for George Miller’s franchise reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road. There’s plenty that’s familiar from the series here, but replacing the dusty grain of the original films are DI-enhanced oranges and blues that give some of these shots a near-abstract quality. Still, when it comes to effects, Miller told the L.A. Times that he’s gone for the practical approach:

Well, we made a big, big point to go old-school with Fury Road. There are moments of green screen mainly for some landscape, but this is not a green screen movie. We crashed a lot of cars; every stunt was done, if not by the cast then by some very fine stunt men; and it was shot on a real location. I’ve had enough experience with CG to know that you can’t really get some of that immersive material authentic in a way. Cumulatively, it’s appreciated by an audience. It feels more real.

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