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Watch: “From Paper to Screen,” Two Minutes about On-screen Typography

in Filmmaker Videos
on Jul 28, 2014

A hat-tip, as usual, to David Hudson at Keyframe Daily for directing us to this graduate student short from Thibault de Fournas. In a brisk two-plus minutes, Thibault first explains the art of typography on the printed page — size, style, type, forms — then concisely summarizes the history of type’s on-screen presence, from its introduction as static intertitles to the opening credits innovations of Saul Bass. The short summons memories of a century of movies through letters that copy source fonts exactly: “Every single movie got one,” says a sentence about opening credits, each word in the style of a different title. It starts with “Every” as Brazil; have fun pinning down the reference point for each subsequent word yourself.

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