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Watch: China’s OnePlus One Smartphone Trumps Canon 5D Mark III’s Resolution

Giacomo Mantovani sent over this test video to No Film School, which compares China’s OnePlus One smartphone camera with Canon’s 5D Mark III, which both have 1080p capacity. Some of the side-by-side comparisons aren’t exactly the same: some of the OnePlus One footage cropped 300% is from a 4K file, while the 5K Mark III is only 1080p. The non-cropped footage from both cameras is at 1080p.

As Mantovani writes, “The sole aim of this test is to compare how the OnePlus One performs in respect to the Canon 5D Mark III in a ideal light condition. In this case I am pleased to notice that the OPO is the clear winner, but no doubts that the Canon 5D Mark III is still the best option for filmmakers.” As NFS’s Joe Marine notes, the 5D also has more controllable depth of field, among other assets. Still, it’s an interesting experiment. More info from Mantovani on the OnePlus One can be found here.

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