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Watch: Visual Effects at Work in Pascale Ferran’s Bird People

“Confounding in a good way” is probably a cop-out way to describe a film, but I can think of few other ways to succinctly sum up Pascale Ferran’s Bird People. As you may have deduced from the title, this binary portrait features a supporting character of the avian persuasion, who turns in some of the most seamless VFX work this side of The Wolf of Wall Street. The above video from French special effects company BUF — who also handled The Matrix series, United 93 and The Dark Knight — reveals that nearly every background in the film was transposed onto a green screen. This would seem logical as the majority of the film unfolds at an airport hotel, with plenty of take offs and landings in the distance, were it not for the artists’ utterly undetectable handiwork. Of course, the video also offers a good look at the makeup behind the titular bird, as well as the film’s correspondingly acrobatic cinematography.

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