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Trailer Watch: I’m Not Patrick

Independent publisher Two Dollar Radio recently launched a microbudget filmmaking arm, and tonight they’ve dropped their first trailer. I’m Not Patrick is a black comedy about teen suicide directed by the press’s founder, Eric Obenauf. Watch the trailer above. Below is an excerpt of the press release from this Ohio-based publisher.

I’m Not Patrick is a black comedy that follows Seth, a teenager whose twin brother, Patrick, has suddenly, tragically, committed suicide. Seth doesn’t know how to react, but everyone is eager to suggest what they imagine to be typical reactions to monozygotic suicide. Whether it’s the rival twins’ landscaping company encroaching on Seth’s turf, or the school guidance counselor hovering close by, or the French club electing him honorary president (a position that Patrick had occupied), Seth struggles to assert his individuality and insist that “I’m not Patrick.”

I’m Not Patrick was written and directed by Eric Obenauf, who is Editorial Director of Two Dollar Radio. He graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he received the Venable Herndon Award for Screenwriting.

The film was made for under $3,500, and was shot in Columbus, Ohio using no trained actors.

I’m Not Patrick features music by iconic art-punk band Japanther, up-and-comers Bummers, and a soundtrack by celebrated noise musician, Mike Shiflet, who also served as Director of Photography on the film.

I’m Not Patrick will be released in the spring of 2015.

Two Dollar Radio Moving Pictures’ second feature, The Removals – written by novelist and film critic Nicholas Rombes, directed by award-winning author Grace Krilanovich – is scheduled to go into production in June 2015.

Obenauf was recently the featured guest on the Other People podcast, where he discussed, briefly, the motivation behind this new microbudget division.

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