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Watch: David Lynch in Conversation at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

in Filmmaker Videos
on Nov 13, 2014

David Lynch is notoriously averse to discussing the meaning of his movies, so this recent “in conversation” exercise from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts gets above-average results by getting him to focus on the process of making his artwork instead. There are anecdotes about creating art using mice, discussions of his love of stone lithography, and this unbeatable evaluation of what’s changed about Philadelphia since Lynch’s mid-’60s art school time there: “There was a lot of fear and insanity and violence, and then we’d hear about corruption and police brutality, and there was a lot of sickness in the people, and a lot of problems. People had a lot of problems. In that way, it’s the same.” And no, no one asks about the Twin Peaks reboot, and he doesn’t volunteer any information. Unless you’re extremely interested in hearing a prolonged introduction, you can just skip to 5:30.

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