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David Ehrlich’s 25 Best Films of 2014 Supercut

At Little White Lies David Ehrlich returns with his excellent annual supercut of his own 25 Best Films list. He writes, “As was also the case with last year’s video, the video kicks off with a little intro that’s intended to set the stage, and then launches into the countdown a couple of minutes later. All of the featured music comes from the films of 2014, and a full track list is waiting for you at the end. As always, this was both a blast to cut together and also just an unspeakably catastrophic waste of time. So… I hope you enjoy it.” As always, it’s an eclectic list designed to send you looking for the films you missed. The mix is always broad — from Selma and Lucy to Goodbye to Language and Godzilla — as is the song selection. Watch here and follow Ehrlich on Twitter.

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