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Kickstarter: An Exclusive Clip from Laundry Day

Director Randy Mack is quoted in my “How to Find a Producer” article, discussing the production scene in his hometown, New Orleans. Now, he’s on Kickstarter raising funds for the completion of his dark comedy, Laundry Day. Set over the course of 24 hours in a New Orleans bar, the film is, says Mack, a something cross between Magnolia and Barfly. In an email, he writes, “Laundry Day is a feature-length dark comedy about a bar fight in a 24-hour bar/laundromat/night club between a musician, a gutter punk, a drug dealer, and a bartender. The nonlinear story explores the incident from each person’s perspective, revealing that a one day in New Orleans is a labyrinth of intrigue.” And, from the film’s Kickstarter page:

I want to prove that it’s possible tell gritty, entertaining, thoughtful, and exciting stories of life in New Orleans without resorting to cliches and horror tropes, as I believe life here is already plenty full of magic, surprise, humor, and drama. While “Hollywood South” does its thing on a cloud of money, I designed this film to give local filmmakers a low-budget template from which they can tell their New Orleans stories on a modest budget while delivering production value, thrills, and authenticity.

Written and director by Mack, the film stars Dave Davis, Kerry Cahill, Billy Slaughter, and Samantha Huffman and is entirely made in New Orleans. Check out the Kickstarter page and consider donating.

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