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Trailer Watch: Blue Velvet Revisited, Directed by Peter Braatz

Marking the David Lynch film’s 30th Anniversary, this Fall will see the release of Peter Braatz’s Blue Velvet Revisited, a feature-length documentary consisting of Super 8 footage the director shot on the North Carolina set of Blue Velvet. Braatz previously made a short film out of this material, No Frank in Lumberton, but now he’s pulled out all the stops, commissioning a brand-new soundtrack that excites me just as much as this footage does. That soundtrack, featuring new work recorded in 2015 by Tuxedomoon, Cult with No Name and John Foxx, is already available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

For more information on the film, follow the Blue Velvet Revisited Facebook page. And here’s copy from the Crammed website:

In 1985, a young German filmmaker Peter Braatz was invited by David Lynch to Wilmington, North Carolina, to document the making of his new film. Over the following three months Braatz was given unrestricted access to set, cast, crew and director, collating hours of behind-the-scenes footage, in-depth interviews and over a thousand photographs. Featuring exclusive, never before seen footage, the new feature-length “Blue Velvet Revisited” finally offers the most intimate and revealing insight into one of the greatest films of the 1980s, and one of the world’s greatest directors ever.

The soundtrack for this new take on an old masterpiece is equally as significant. Uniting the talents of acclaimed UK electronic balladeers CULT WITH NO NAME with legendary post-punk chamber music pioneers TUXEDOMOON, the music for “Blue Velvet Revisited” is every bit as noirishly evocative as the billing would suggest. Fusing elements of contemporary classical (“Lumberton”) to jazz (“So Fucking Suave”) to ambient electronica (“Do It For Van Gogh”) to krautrock (“Jeffrey Nothing”), but never fully surrendering to any, Tuxedomoon and Cult With No Name have produced a suite that is as unique as it is representative of both artists. In addition, the album sees a contribution from electronic music Godfather JOHN FOXX, the eerie ambience of “Lincoln Street” providing a perfect axis around which Tuxedomoon and Cult With No Name can weave their magic.

With glorious artwork featuring previously unseen photographs of David Lynch, Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rossellini, Kyle Maclachlan and Laura Dern, “Blue Velvet Revisited” is a truly special release.

For much more on Blue Velvet, revisit Nicholas Rombes’ Blue Velvet Project here at Filmmaker. It’s a deep analysis of the film, 47 seconds at a time.

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