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Free Animated Icons, After Effects Presets and More for Your Video Project from PremiumBeat (Sponsored Post)

in Filmmaking, Post-Production
on Sep 30, 2015

PremiumBeat, a royalty free music library, offers a variety of affordably licensable cues that can be used in your video project. In addition, the company is offering a number of other useful tools for free that can be of use for your video editing projects.

Here are five of the most recent packages from their site:

20 free hand-made animated icons that can be dropped into your package. The icons are all pre-rendered footage, meaning they’ll work in any video editing or motion graphic software. The icons were all created in After Effects and you’ll see the project file included in the download. Check out a quick video of the effects in action, and download the package for free.

PremiumGrades are a custom collection of 20 free premium After Effects presets designed to give your footage a stylized punch. People spend their entire careers coloring footage, so it would be foolish to think that you could get Hollywood quality grades by simply adding in a color grading preset. However, if you’re looking for a good starting point to create your own custom grade (or simply need to add in some quick stylization to a short film) a preset is a great option. Check out a quick video of the effects in action, and download the package.

Promoting a movie is a ton of work, especially if you are a one man show. To make things a little easier, PremiumBeat created these 2 free Photoshop templates to help you market your film. The 4K Movie Trailer Rating Tag gives your trailer the professional touch with a green (or red) intro. It’s perfect for spoof edits and supercuts. The Movie Poster Template lets you throw in an image of your own, and adjust the text to your liking. It’s even set up as a CMYK project, so it’ll be ready to print. Learn more about how to use these templates and to download the marketing package.

There are many animated transitions you can use — fade to black, dissolve, maybe a wipe — but if you really want to make your video stand out, you’ll need to do something a little more creative than simply using the NLE’s built-in tools. This is where PremiumBeat’s free transitions come into play. Check out 16 free transitions in the quick video below, then download them.

Trailers now are punched with many attention-getting sound effects. With the Trailer Construction Kit (Lite Version) from PremiumBeat, you can inject your own projects with the same high-quality Hollywood style SFX. PremiumBeat handpicked 20-hallmark action trailer sound effects for this free pack: sweeps, risers, slams, and intense atmospheres. Check them out in the video below, and then download the package.

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