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Watch: An Andrew Bujalski Book Trailer for Karen Olsson’s All the Houses

We don’t normally post book trailers over here, because a) that’s not our remit b) they are, by and large, perfectly dreadful. This is a little different though, since it’s been made by Andrew Bujalski to help promote his wife Karen Olsson’s second novel All the Houses — as he wrote in an email, “I directed a ‘book trailer’ (not that anyone seems to know what a ‘book trailer’ is).” The novel concerns a family haunted by the father’s involvement in Iran-Contra. That makes for an excuse to playfully intercut between questions to Olsson (who sometimes cracks up at her inability to understand or answer them) and footage from the Iran-Contra hearings; the out-of-context spectacle of a congressman asking a witness what makes a great basketball player is a hoot. More information on the novel here.

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