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Olivia Wilde Directed This Music Video on an iPhone 6S Plus

When actress-turned-director Olivia Wilde signed on to direct No Love Like Yours, the latest video from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, she knew she wanted to shoot the project on an iPhone for both financial and stylistic reasons.

But her DP, Reed Morano (who directed Wilde in last year’s Meadowland), a self-described film snob, initially resisted, fearing the quality would be sub-par. But eventually, Morano came around to the idea of shooting on an iPhone 6S Plus along with a makeshift camera rig and the Filmic Pro app, the anamorphic adapter which was used to shoot Tangerine.

In the resulting 6-minute video, lead singer Alex Ebert seeks spiritual enlightenment against the backdrop of New Orleans, where the band’s latest album, PersonA, was recorded. The gauzy, dreamlike look of the video evokes a melancholy mood.

For more details into how the video was shot, check out The Verge.

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