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Joel and Ethan Coen Discuss How Their Editing has Evolved Over Thirty Years

“I think it’s absurd to say there isn’t a difference” between shooting on film and on digital, says Joel Coen in this short interview found on Adobe Create and filmed in the cutting room of the Coen Brothers’ latest, Hail, Caesar! Coen goes on to say that he hopes for a kind of format-neutral future, where choices of all sorts can be made on purely artistic grounds. That said, neither filmmaker is naive, and they realize that digital technology provides the new standards. As Ethan goes on to say, one of the reasons they finally began cutting on a digital workstation is simply because they couldn’t find assistants familiar with editing on a Steenbeck. From tales of fumbling through trim bins and slicing fingers in old-style edit rooms, there are some funny short anecdotes here, including the filmmaker’s tongue-in-cheek wishlist for the next version of Adobe Premiere.

Also at Adobe Create, a short but detailed video on how the brothers cut Hail, Caesar! on Adobe Premiere.

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