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I received this email as a response to this week’s edition of the Filmmaker newsletter. (If you don’t get the newsletter, which contains an Editor’s Letter not appearing on this blog, you can subscribe for free here.)

Scott, I always love your weekly newsletter editorials and from your last I know you need a quick, humorous distraction. The new model for film distribution occurred to me today. I’m in a creative headstorm with my editor and since our film is about humanity, the universe, and the space program under the Bush Administration, it all synthesized at once. We kidnap potential audience members individually and force them to watch the movie in the rolling-movie theater of our own design (preferably a vintage airstream camper). We may tape their eyes open, Clockwork-style, we’ll have to ask the lawyers. They pay their twelve bucks when it’s over, just before we kick them out of the moving van.

It’s so obvious to me the critical element that B-side was missing: extraordinary rendition.

David Gaynes
Saving Hubble

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