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on Oct 24, 2012

Aftershock, the highest grossing domestic film in China’s history, follows a family over 32 years as it struggles to cope with the lingering effects of the devastating 1976 Tangshan earthquake, which claimed the lives of an estimated 240,000 people. The film centers on Yuan’ni, the mother of two twins, daughter Deng and son Da. When the historic earthquake strikes, Yuan’ni’s children are pinned underneath the rubble of a collapsed building. Told that the rescue team can only save one, she is torn between which of her children should live. Choosing her son, she and her surviving family are evacuated. However, Deng miraculously survives, emerging into a China that is forced to rebuild itself. Directed by one of China’s most famous directors, Feng Xiaogang, Aftershock is a moving family drama set against the seismic events that came to define present-day China.

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