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How Do You Market a Madman? On the Trailers of Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog in Into the InfernoWerner Herzog in Into the Inferno

“The sun dimmeth, the land sinketh, gusheth forth steam and gutting fire,” rasps Werner Herzog ominously, quoting Norse poetry from the Poetic Edda as bursts of lava erupt onto the screen in the trailer for his latest release, Into the…  Read more

By Dec 5, 2016

In Austin, Building Community While Waiting for Festival Acceptance — or Rejection — Letters

The Rabbit HuntThe Rabbit Hunt

Many of our filmmaker colleagues are at this very moment hoping to learn when they will screen their new projects to audiences for the first time. Come January, the semi-official season of festivals kicks off with the Sundance Film Festival…  Read more

By Nov 30, 2016

10 Ways to Advance Your Film’s Story, Outreach and Impact: A Report from the IFP Filmmaker Lab

Jon Reiss (at right) at this week's IFP Filmmaker Labs.Jon Reiss (at right) at this week's IFP Filmmaker Labs.

With all the trauma of this past week, I at least had the good fortune of spending it at the IFP Filmmaker Lab in New York City. Filmmakers and my fellow mentors all showed up Wednesday morning stunned, tired and…  Read more

By Nov 22, 2016

Just Let Go Already! 12 Takeaways After Making the Microbudget Feature, The Purple Onion

The Purple OnionThe Purple Onion

After four years of working on my first feature film, The Purple Onion, it’s now ready and available online. You can read two earlier articles on Filmmaker where I chronicle the filmmaking process here. Dtill, my nurturing of this film…  Read more

By Nov 22, 2016

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