Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue, and Netflix’s Push into Social Issue Documentary


With Netflix in the midst of filming Orange Is the New Black‘s third season and putting $3 million into new content this year, the paradigm seems to have permanently shifted from the service being seen primarily as a content distributor to an…  Read more


Why We Are Giving Our Feature Away for Free at LYLEmovie.com

Gaby Hoffman in LyleGaby Hoffman in Lyle

Lyle is the “sharp and moody” story of Leah (Gaby Hoffmann), whose grief over the death of her toddler turns to paranoia when she begins to suspect her eccentric neighbors are involved in a satanic pact. It is an updated,…  Read more


Marc Schiller Talks the Benefits of Movie Bundling


This week Bond/360 launched what they’ve dubbed a “Creativity Bundle” — four movies having to do with making and creation downloadable from VHX for a single, pay-what-you-wish fee. In a blog post I wrote about Bond/360′s use of what’s become…  Read more


Nine Lessons for Self-Distributing Filmmakers with No Money and No Experience

Burn premieres in DetroitBurn premieres in Detroit

This article by Tom Putnam and Brenna Sanchez about the distribution of their Detroit firefighter documentary Burn originally appeared in our Fall, 2013 print edition. It is appearing online for the first time. “The reports of my death are greatly…  Read more