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Why Old School Blockbuster VHS Video Cover Art Beats Netflix Thumbnails

Those who remember the days of the neighborhood video store — whether that was, for you, Kim’s Video or Blockbuster — may attribute their fondness for ineffably sleazy horror film VHS cover art to simple nostalgia, but, proposes Entertain the…  Read more

By Oct 25, 2017

Should Filmmakers Tour Their Work Like Bands Tour Their Albums?

The Eyeslicer

Since I started working in film ten years ago I’ve been fascinated by the creative possibilities of distribution. Filmmakers tend to think of releasing their film primarily as homework: the creative work is over and now the boring part begins:…  Read more

By Sep 13, 2017

After Letting Go: How Walking Away from My First Film Led to Distribution and then Development on my Next

Edwin Li in The Purple Onion

Last November I wrote a piece for Filmmaker about walking away from my debut film. “Just Let Go Already! 12 Takeaways After Making the Microbudget Feature, The Purple Onion” chronicles the five-year process of making my first feature film and…  Read more

By May 19, 2017

Sundance Announces New Creative Distribution Fellowship with Columbus, Unrest


The Sundance Institute announced today a new initiative aimed at filmmakers going the DIY distribution route. The inaugural projects supported by the Creative Distribution Fellowship are two recommended independent films that premiered this past January at Sundance: Columbus, by Filmmaker…  Read more

By May 2, 2017

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