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Why Director Joel Potrykus is Releasing His New Movie as “Pay What You Wish”

The Alchemist CookbookThe Alchemist Cookbook

Along with the debut of a brand new trailer (above) for Joel Potrykus’ The Alchemist Cookbook, distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories has announced that the film will be released via BitTorrent Now for pay-what-you-wish on October 7th. The Alchemist Cookbook is a portrait…  Read more

By Sep 20, 2016

New Innovators in Distribution: Talking Trends and Hybrid Models at IFP Film Week

Aliza Ma, flanked by Missy Laney and Brandon Harris, at IFP Film WeekAliza Ma, flanked by Missy Laney and Brandon Harris, at IFP Film Week

Film has been a dying industry for as long as I’ve been making, selling and distributing them. That’s what they say. And there’s certainly evidence that sales agents and distributors are having to re-think how they do business. The recent…  Read more

By Sep 18, 2016

The Orchard Releases Detailed Distribution Revenue Figures for Cartel Land, Launches New Film Analytics Dashboard

Cartel LandCartel Land

Distributor The Orchard launched today what they are calling “the industry’s first fully-transparent dashboard for film analytics.” Using figures for their recent release, the Oscar-nominated doc Cartel Land, the dashboard provides hard figures for film revenues across both different platforms…  Read more

By Sep 9, 2016

What Filmmakers Need to Know About Indie Film Distribution in 2016

Ex MachinaEx Machina

You’ve made an independent film and you’d like to get it out into the world. Unfortunately, unless you’re already a “name” director with an established track record or your film has played at top festivals, there’s no clear route to…  Read more

By Sep 1, 2016

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