“You May Have Made the Most Amazing Film in the World, But You Have Zero Followers on Twitter”: VHX’s Jamie Wilkinson on Building Film Communities


Jamie Wilkinson, CEO of the direct-to-fan online video platform VHX, had some words to filmmakers on Peter Katz’s Hollywood 2.0 podcast. Specifically: amp up your social media game. In the conversation, which also discusses some of the platform’s early successes,…  Read more


Bond/360 Launches Cinepacks: Pay What You Wish Bundles


Scott previously wrote about and interviewed Bond/360’s CEO Marc Schiller on his decision to bundle and sell their movies via a pay-what-you-wish “Radiohead-esque” model. What began with the “Creativity Bundle,” the packaging of four titles that all dealt with making and creation, now looks to…  Read more


Thom Yorke Explains Value of BitTorrent Bundles by Releasing a New Album

LGS (4)

At the Sundance Artist Services Day at the IFP Filmmaker Conference, I witnessed – and wrote about – the confusion and sometimes anger that erupted during the panel discussion on BitTorrent Bundles. BitTorrent Bundles use the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol…  Read more


“Giving Access Back to the People”: Fandor CEO Ted Hope on FIX and the Festival Alliance

Ted HopeTed Hope

Back in July, Fandor announced the implementation of two new initiatives, FIX and the Fandor|Festival Alliance. The former aggregates the work of over a hundred participating filmmakers, fostering audience interaction, while the latter assists festivals with technological services and highlights…  Read more