Beyond London: Alastair Roberts of the Royal Opera House on Live Cinema Broadcasts

Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice's Adventures in Wonderland

One useful maxim in the ever-changing world of theatrical distribution is that transforming your cinematic screenings into a one-time events will help drive people to your film. Likewise, theaters are searching for ways to make their products stand out in a world…  Read more


Dan Berger on Why Oscilloscope is Selling Their 35mm Prints on Craigslist

Andrea Arnold's Wuthering HeightsAndrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights

A somewhat unsettling Craigslist ad made the rounds on Twitter on Wednesday night, offering up “indie film prints” for the grand total of $1. The dollar was a placeholder, but the offer was very much real: Oscilloscope was “cleaning (ware)house” and…  Read more


Fandor to Finance Original Shorts Program


Yesterday, Fandor announced the creation of its FIXshorts program, which invited participants in its FIX initiative to submit a budget and proposal for a short-form production. 5 out of the 34 proposals were selected to receive 50% project funding from Fandor,…  Read more


Directors and Producers Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein on The Amazing Randi Doc An Honest Liar

An Honest LiarAn Honest Liar

I’ve been a fan of Tyler Measom’s work ever since I wandered into a screening of his and Jennilyn Merten’s nail-biting portrait of teen exiles from the FLDS Church, Sons of Perdition, at Tribeca five years back. (The doc ultimately…  Read more