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New BitTorrent Fund Provides Cash and Promotional Support to Creators

collective: unconsciouscollective: unconscious

BitTorrent has announced The Discovery Fund, which will provide cash grants and promotional support to 25 creators over the next year. BitTorrent is looking for artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators with projects seeking global distribution. The open, international…  Read more

By Aug 9, 2016

BitTorrent Launches BitTorrent Now with Streaming Option for Creators


BitTorrent Bundle will re-launch as BitTorrent Now, extending the platform with new streaming apps for Apple TV, iOS, and Android, as well as introducing advertising as a new revenue stream for creators, BitTorrent announced today. Straith Schreder, BitTorrent’s VP of Creative…  Read more

By Jun 23, 2016

Producer Miranda Bailey Debunks Swiss Army Man Controversy and Challenges Conventions about Women in Film

Jay Ellis and Miranda Bailey in Like Cotton TwinesJay Ellis and Miranda Bailey in Like Cotton Twines

You may not know Miranda Bailey’s name, but you probably know her work. As an actress, writer, director and producer, Miranda Bailey has a hand in just about every aspect of the independent film business. Early in her career, she executive…  Read more

By Jun 17, 2016

Upstream and Downstream: 5 Observations about Independent Film Distribution at the 2016 Midpoint

The Birth of a Nation (Photo courtesy of Elliot Davis/Fox Searchlight Pictures)The Birth of a Nation (Photo courtesy of Elliot Davis/Fox Searchlight Pictures)

The following article appears in our Spring, 2016 print edition and is appearing from behind our paywall today for the first time. Will 2016 be remembered as the year that Amazon and Netflix gobbled up the indie film market? Probably.…  Read more

By Jun 16, 2016

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