Hope for Film Author Ted Hope on Life, Independent Film and Systems Reboots

Ted HopeTed Hope

Ted Hope — producer, Good Machine co-founder, and now CEO of Fandor — is no tongue-tied wallflower in the independent film community. Indeed, his passionate commentary, counsel and editorializing on topics ranging from net neutrality to making better films to…  Read more


ITVFest: Is Independent TV More Than a Bridge to Mainstream TV?

(L to r) Rotman, Kuznetzkoff, Kinsella and Harum(L to r) Rotman, Kuznetzkoff, Kinsella and Harum

In a small Vermont town on the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest, an hour and a half from Albany NY, the Independent Television and Film Festival (ITVFest) holds its annual get together. Taking place in the fall, ITVFest…  Read more


Factory 25 Acquires Little Feet and Boneshaker

Little FeetLittle Feet

Factory 25 will distribute Alexandre Rockwell’s Little Feet on a double bill with 25 New Face Frances Bodomo’s Boneshaker. The films will open at the IFC Center on December 12 and will be available for streaming on Fandor and Vimeo the same…  Read more


“It’s No Longer Enough for Artists to Simply Be Artists”: Artel Great on His Audience-Building App, Project Catalyst

Artel Great

There’s a lot of talk in the independent film community about building new audiences through internet technologies but far fewer actual attempts at doing so. One person who has thought deeply about today’s challenges and developed a tool in response…  Read more