Director Diane Bell on What You Should Do if Your Film is in Sundance


Following this week’s Sundance announcements, I linked in my newsletter to two articles I wrote back in 2009: “So You Didn’t Get into Sundance” and “Letter from the Future.” This first is a consoling “what to do next” kind of…  Read more


The U.K. Crackdown on Porn – And Why It Hurts Independent Producers

BDSM equipment

If Britain’s recently enacted legislation – specifically, the Brazil-sounding Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 – wasn’t on your radar, you can be forgiven. As an American it wasn’t on mine either. Basically, this is an amendment to the U.K.’s 2003…  Read more


10 More Really Bad Things About the Film Business, 2014

Ted Hope at a Hope for Film book signing. (Photo: John Chao)Ted Hope at a Hope for Film book signing. (Photo: John Chao)

Along with the usual “ten best” lists, year’s ends in the movie blogosphere have recently included producer and Fandor CEO’s exhaustive surveys of the film industry’s good and the bad — the business practices, social trends and technological issues that…  Read more


Hope for Film Author Ted Hope on Life, Independent Film and Systems Reboots

Ted HopeTed Hope

Ted Hope — producer, Good Machine co-founder, and now CEO of Fandor — is no tongue-tied wallflower in the independent film community. Indeed, his passionate commentary, counsel and editorializing on topics ranging from net neutrality to making better films to…  Read more