Sundance Announces Creative Producing Lab & Fellowship Call for Entries

Gabrielle Nadig with Creative Producing advisor Todd Louiso.Gabrielle Nadig with Creative Producing advisor Todd Louiso.

Over the years Sundance has steadily increased its support for young independent film producers, with the more recently created Creative Producing Lab & Fellowship as loved by producers as the Screenwriting and Directing Labs are loved by writers and directors.…  Read more


Five Questions for Drone Boning Drone Porn Creators Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci

Drone Boning

Drones. Porn. Directors Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci of Ghost Cow Films have taken what might have been a cynical, viral video SEO-mashup and delivered something deeply weird and oddly hypnotic. While Drone Boning features couples having sex (so, yes,…  Read more


Afternoon Smackdown: Pre-Vis’ing a Fight Scene

LGS (5)

Action cinematographer Lawrence Ribeiro forwards this short video of an afternoon’s work — literally. Below, he explains how, with a camera and two top stuntmen, he can mock-up a dynamic fight scene. From Ribeiro: Here’s a chase and fight sequence…  Read more


Five Things Tinder Guys Don’t Know about Being an Independent Filmmaker


In addition to being adorable, overachieving independent filmmakers, we (Caitlin and Penny) are both single gals in various deserts of actual human interaction (Brooklyn and Central NY, respectively.) Thus, we rely on our phones and thumbs, through a mostly-unknown dating…  Read more