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In Defense of Street Photography in an iPhone Age

(Lima Limpia, 2015, Mark Street.)(Lima Limpia, 2015, Mark Street.)

Last Halloween (my birthday, as it happens), I loaded up my Bolex to shoot some 16mm black-and-white images of a children’s costume parade in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I was thinking of Helen Levitt’s 1948 masterpiece, In the Street. Levitt (and…  Read more

By Aug 16, 2016

Fix It in Production: A 1st A.D. Tells You What Mistakes to Avoid when Shooting an Independent Film

Hannah Chapman, DP Aravind Ragupathi and 1st AD Jim McQuaid on set of Memory of a KissHannah Chapman, DP Aravind Ragupathi and 1st AD Jim McQuaid on set of Memory of a Kiss

I’ve been writing, shooting and producing short films, about twenty of them, since 1999. I’ve also DP’d several shorts and a zombie feature. I enjoy assisting other filmmakers in North Carolina, where I live, and I’ve worked as AD over…  Read more

By Jul 11, 2016

Get MōVI Level Shots From Your GoPro With This Stabilizer from Polaroid

Gear - Polaroid Stabilizer Thumbnail 2

Polaroid sent over their handheld 3-axis stabilizer for GoPro for a hands on review. In the video below I do a run through of the device along with taking it out for a spin with some test footage. At $180 it’s one of…  Read more

By Jun 29, 2016

“Dear Crew”: A Doc Filmmaker Prepares Her Crew for 10 Weeks of RV Living

Emily MacKenzieEmily MacKenzie

Filmmaker Emily MacKenzie is currently on Kickstarter with her documentary Scar Story, about Paulette Leaphart, who survived breast cancer following a double mastectomy, and who will be raising awareness by walking topless from Biloxi, MS to Washington, D.C. MacKenzie, producer…  Read more

By Apr 25, 2016

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