AJA Drops Price of 4K CION Camera Significantly


AJA has slashed the price of their 4K CION camera in half to $4995. It’s part of their “Summer of Savings” promotion, which they say will run through the end of the summer. Other price reductions announced: Ki Pro Quad (their…  Read more


“Sometimes You Have to Put Your Camera Down”: Director and Producer Hanna Polak on the She Does Podcast

Hanna PolakHanna Polak

Hanna Polak, a Polish director and producer, has the stamina and guts that most filmmakers would envy. And now audiences at film festivals around the world are experiencing her dedication through Something Better To Come, a documentary that Hanna shot…  Read more


New Rugged Hard Drives from LaCie and G-Tech

Lacie_Rugged Raid_Lifestyle

LaCie announced some updates to their familiar rugged line at NAB. There is now a larger housing with two drives for RAID 1 or 0. It includes both a thunderbolt and USB 3 interface, with 4 TB for $419. Also new to…  Read more


The Seven Arts of Working in Film: A Necessary Guide to On-Set Protocol

Psycho (Illustration by Kent Osborne)Psycho (Illustration by Kent Osborne)

Welcome to your first day on a film set. Perhaps you’ve gotten a new job as a production assistant. Perhaps you’re still in school and have been given an opportunity as an intern, or you’ve recently been asked to help…  Read more