Watch: Behind Interstellar’s Sound Design


Deborah Stratman’s bewitching short film Hacked Circuit, which premiered at Sundance earlier this year, presents a roving, unbroken look inside the foley post-production process at an LA studio. Along those lines, this featurette with Interstellar‘s Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer, Richard King, provides…  Read more


Hope for Film Author Ted Hope on Life, Independent Film and Systems Reboots

Ted HopeTed Hope

Ted Hope — producer, Good Machine co-founder, and now CEO of Fandor — is no tongue-tied wallflower in the independent film community. Indeed, his passionate commentary, counsel and editorializing on topics ranging from net neutrality to making better films to…  Read more


Sundance Announces Creative Producing Lab & Fellowship Call for Entries

Gabrielle Nadig with Creative Producing advisor Todd Louiso.Gabrielle Nadig with Creative Producing advisor Todd Louiso.

Over the years Sundance has steadily increased its support for young independent film producers, with the more recently created Creative Producing Lab & Fellowship as loved by producers as the Screenwriting and Directing Labs are loved by writers and directors.…  Read more


Five Questions for Drone Boning Drone Porn Creators Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci

Drone Boning

Drones. Porn. Directors Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci of Ghost Cow Films have taken what might have been a cynical, viral video SEO-mashup and delivered something deeply weird and oddly hypnotic. While Drone Boning features couples having sex (so, yes,…  Read more