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Structuring Uncle Howard in Production and Post using William Burroughs’s The Western Lands and Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru  

William Burroughs and Howard Brookner in Uncle HowardWilliam Burroughs and Howard Brookner in Uncle Howard

One of the earliest challenges in making Uncle Howard was figuring out how to tell a story around a main character who is essentially absent. My uncle, Howard Brookner, was a fairly obscure director, whose work went missing to varying degrees,…  Read more

By Jan 26, 2016

10 Lessons Learned While Making My First Short Film Budget


Earlier this year I produced a very low budget short film, Affections, directed by Bridey Elliott and premiering at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Armed with a Master’s Degree and several experiences assisting producers in the past, I assumed I…  Read more

By Jan 22, 2016

Anomalisa, Stop-Motion Animation and How 3D Printers are Changing Filmmaking


Remember stop-motion, that venerable technique of animated films ranging from old-time children’s classics by Rankin/Bass to sword-and-sandals epics by Ray Harryhausen? Given the success of Pixar’s movies, Minions and other computer-animated features, you might have thought that 2D, hand-drawn, and…  Read more

By Jan 11, 2016

“The Odds Were in Our Favor to Fail”: Krisha at the BFI London Film Festival

Trey Edward Shults, Krisha Fairchild and Justin ChanTrey Edward Shults, Krisha Fairchild and Justin Chan

Krisha Fairchild is a 64-year-old actress who lives in Mexico and has four dogs. She’s named after a young Polish girl who saved her father’s life during the Invasion of Normandy in 1944. With an older sister named Vikki and…  Read more

By Nov 20, 2015

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