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How I Shot My Feature Film, Tormenting the Hen, in Six Days

Josephine Decker in Tormenting the HenJosephine Decker in Tormenting the Hen

Filmmaker Theodore Collatos appeared recently on the site when he and Christopher Jason Bell interviewed each other about their latest pictures. He’s now at work on a new feature, Tormenting the Hen, produced with Matt Grady from Factory 25, Ben…  Read more

By Oct 12, 2016

Mechanical Dreams Uses VR to Amplify Diverse Voices

Eagle BoneEagle Bone

As Hollywood is rightfully called out on its underemployment of women, virtual reality companies like Mechanical Dreams Virtual Reality (MDVR) are actively courting underrepresented voices. The Seattle-based virtual reality content company housed by the University of Washington and the start-up incubator…  Read more

By Oct 11, 2016

Makeup Artist Makes Herself into Actor Steve Buscemi


We’ve shown you how lighting can change a face, and now we’ll show you how a makeup artist can turn a woman into… Steve Buscemi? Over at the Huffington Post, makeup artist Katelyn Galloway impressively transforms herself into the well…  Read more

By Sep 14, 2016

In Defense of Street Photography in an iPhone Age

(Lima Limpia, 2015, Mark Street.)(Lima Limpia, 2015, Mark Street.)

Last Halloween (my birthday, as it happens), I loaded up my Bolex to shoot some 16mm black-and-white images of a children’s costume parade in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I was thinking of Helen Levitt’s 1948 masterpiece, In the Street. Levitt (and…  Read more

By Aug 16, 2016

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