Questionable Safety History of Midnight Rider Production Company Lends New Light to Sarah Jones Case

The Doctortown, GA trestleThe Doctortown, GA trestle

A few more details have emerged over at Deadline regarding the on-set negligence that led to 2nd AC Sarah Jones’ death in Doctortown, GA. Midnight Rider was the third feature to be shot in the Savannah area by director Randall Miller…  Read more


Digital Motion Picture Cameras in 2014: The Next Chapter

VariCam 35 side

Welcome to Filmmaker Magazine’s fourth annual digital cinema camera round-up. Each year for reasons of publishing schedule, this overview is written on the brink of the big NAB show in Las Vegas. By the time some of you read this,…  Read more


ornana’s Jim Cummings on How To Make a Short Film and Get It Seen

ornana's latest, Confusion Through Sandornana's latest, Confusion Through Sand

Short films are a peculiar enterprise. They are well regarded as an investment vortex, with nearly zero prospects for return and lots of prospects for expense. Many are made and vanish after a run on the festival circuit, if they…  Read more


Producer Jason Blum @SXSW: “If I Had to Make Kicking and Screaming Today, I’d Make It for $50,000…”

Insidious Chapter 2Insidious Chapter 2

“If I had to make [Noah Baumbach’s 1995 pic] Kicking and Screaming today, I’d make it for $50,000, not $1 million,” said producer Jason Blum (The Purge, Insidious, Whiplash) at his SXSW keynote address on Sunday. In a conversation with…  Read more