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Watch: Michel Gondry’s Charming, iPhone-Shot Summer Vacation Short, Detour

Michel Gondry has made a charming and inventive — in his typically lo-fi way — short film for Apple that shows off the video capabilities of the iPhone 7. With elements of The Red Balloon, Toy Story and, I’m sure, memories Gondry has revisited from his own childhood family vacations in France, the short follows a family on their annual summer sojourn, a trip that winds up leaving the youngest child’s prized red tricycle along the side of the road. Impressively, the short doesn’t try to fake some kind of crazy bokeh, or indulge in trick macro shots. No, like Gondry’s recent feature, Microbe and Gasoline, it has a straightforward style that makes its gentle nostalgia and bittersweet resolution quite affecting. In addition, if you look to the right of the video and at this YouTube playlist, Gondry and Apple have also created a number of short video tutorials on how to make impressive iPhone videos.

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