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Trailer Watch: Yance Ford’s Strong Island

Yance Ford, a 2011 Filmmaker 25 New Face, premiered his feature documentary debut Strong Island at Sundance this year, and the film’s new trailer has just dropped from Netflix. One of this year’s essential docs, Strong Island is a formally assured, highly thoughtful examination of racial injustice, family tragedy and the complexities of memory and grief. Filmmaker Contributing Editor Brandon Harris wrote about the film earlier this year at The New Yorker:

In the annals of cinematic memoir, there are very few films like Yance Ford’s Strong Island, a stylish and wrenching rumination on familial grief that had its première last night, at Sundance. In a formally audacious manner, one that promises to leave many viewers gripped with fresh helplessness, the film mines the defining tragedy of Ford’s life to lay bare the ways in which race and American justice often inharmoniously intersect. It is a brave, revealing film, and one whose topicality has only grown over the many years that it took Ford, a forty-four-year-old former producer for PBS’s documentary program “POV,” to put it together. As this grisly decade has revealed, there is no shortage of dead black men whose shooting deaths go unresolved in this country, and no shortage of black families for whom justice remains elusive.

Check out the new trailer above.

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