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Watch Now for 48 Hours: Short Films from Eastern Oregon Film Festival

For the third year Filmmaker is happy to exclusively host online selections from the currently underway Eastern Oregon Film Festival. These films will stream exclusively here on the site until Sunday morning at 9:00 AM. This year, we’re hosting a work of philosophical science fiction by Blake Salzman, a new drama from festival veteran Frank Mosley, and an inspiring London-set work from Tal Amiran.

You can watch all the films embedded below, and check out the rest of the lineup at Eastern Oregon Film Festival.

Midwife (dir. Blake Salzman, 2017)

Synopsis: In a bleak future where women are dying rapidly, a female survivor must counsel, interrogate and mother those responsible to find answers.

Website: Midwife Film.

Parthenon (dir. Frank Mosley, 2017)

Synopsis: A naked body moves a stranger to empathy. 


Sand Men (dir. Tal Amiran, 2016)

Synopsis: With their families in Romania depending on them, three men try to survive by creating sand sculptures on London’s streets.


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