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FFA + iGEMStv, + Sub-Genre Launch Industry-Wide Survey: The New Era of Film Exhibition

in Festivals & Events
on Aug 1, 2020

From Brian Newman, whose Sub-Genre newsletter I highly recommend subscribing to, comes this set of three surveys about the independent film and festival worlds in the age of COVID-19. The three organizing parties — Sub-Genre, Film Festival Alliance and iGEMStv, a movie and TV curation/recommendation platform — promise to aggregate the results with an eye towards helping the industry figure out a way forward amidst the current pandemic.

From the organizers:

One way to solve the problems… is by collecting data and using it to build better systems. To that end: With COVID having such a major impact on the independent film landscape, from film festivals to theaters to online streaming platforms, we felt there was a need to survey the players, collect feedback, do a thorough analysis and create a White Paper Report to distribute far and wide. We hope this report covers the bases, answers many of the questions, shares insights into the current festivals being reimagined and helps the industry adapt.

I’ve partnered with The Film Festival Alliance and iGEMStv to create a set of three surveys – one for filmmakers, one for festivals and one for distributors (We may make other surveys for different sectors next).

Please help us by completing this short film festival survey
or this short filmmaker survey
or this short distributor survey

Each survey should take just five minutes, and we request that you take them by Friday, August 7th, and you’ll receive a copy of the report as soon as it is complete.

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