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Watch: Producers and Executives Discuss the Reality of Production During the Coronavirus Pandemic

People are shooting again. And as film production lurches forward amidst a mass of new protocols and restrictions, Film Finances has brought together members of their own working group — both company executives and producers — as well as producers who have been working in the field to discuss shooting in the age of coronavirus. Among the topics discussed in this very informative webinar are:

* What percentage of a film’s budget should be allocated towards Covid-19 compliance?
* What’s the job of the Health Safety Supervisor, and what should their team look like?
* The use of apps to track crew members who’ve been tested, as well as analog alternatives.

Among the participants in the video are: Steve Berman, Executive Vice President of Production, Film Finances; Carol McGorrian, Vice President of Production, Film Finances; producer Jamin O’Brien; health safety unit manager Michelle Lilley; Moira Holmes, president of Film Finances, Canada; producer Jason Jallet; producer Robert Graf; unit production manager Karen Ruth Getchell; producer Jimmy Price; Paula Manzanedo Schmit, Senior Vice President Production & Post Production, Film Finances; producer Bob Salerno; producer Linda McDonough; Maureen Duffy; VP Feature Production, Film Finances; Kelly Todd, VP, Feature Production, Endeavor content; Kate Clark, production executive, Film Finances, Canada; and producer Jennifer Roth.

Among the above, Getchell wrapped Joel Coen’s Macbeth, which began shooting before the lockdown, a week ago. Roth produced a film in Dubai that shot through the early stage of the pandemic. And Price just completed a seven-day additional photography shoot in upstate New York, which included both stunts and a set build.

Part one of the talk is above; part two is below.

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